Wednesday, April 1, 2009

An Introduction

Well I suppose you could say I'm giving this another shot. I've tried blogging and LJ before and kinda drifted from it. So this is my personal challenge to keep up, to update and fill with well the stuff that falls out of my head in relations to that game affectionately known as world of warcrack.

So first off... HI... As a player I'm a 25 year old female humanoid living in New England. I work for my parents, I have a roomie, I have a cat named Inu (dog) and have been since about 7th grade an avid rollplayer and gamer. Things have been tapering off over time, as people move away and social groups fall appart but in general life isn't a total suckfest. I like Scifi, and fantasy, and gumshoe novels and a whole host of other things, yes including anime.

I also seem to have a terrable case of the Alt-itus.

You see, I like to learn lots of different parts of the game, from tanking as a Paladin to trying to heal as a Priest, and yes the wonders that are the Boomkin. I also write, a lot, and found moving to an RP server from a Normal PVE server... I could make characters with stories, with goals, personality quirks and intertwine them together beneath the name of the character I consider to always be my main.

But the one character you'll probably hear the most about... is my Hunter.

She was born on a PVE server and it took me nearly a month to hit 20 because, while my friends who played said they would help... they were raiders and had busy offline lives. So I trialed and errored my way through Teldrassil and Darkshore, asked questions in guild and over time got a fairly good handle of what it was to be a hunter...

Ok let me rephrase that... I learned how to be a Huntard first...then saw what huntards do to the class and how just damn stupid they are... and worked on the whole 'Hunter' bit. Got good with traps, with not pulling aggro unless it was on a healer or squishie, my pet and I became the perfect team and it was all good...

But I was bored. And when BC came out I was yet to have hit 60... so it was always a push to be 70, to get the gear, to get the rep, to catch up to everyone...and I did it. I ground rep, I ground my professions and instances.... 87 runs of Shadow Labyrinth for the Sonic Spear. I leveled from 66 to 70 in that dungeon. I am not even joking. So I got to do raids (if i got myself keyed and my pots, food, elixirs, ammo, gear etc etc) and for a while it was good...

But it felt empty, and now that I was 70 I was 'just another hunter'... so you can Imagine I was a bit pissed when folks started taking better geared hunters over me, because I was new. So I got fed up, annoyed, a bit peeved even and started wandering the internet for other servers to try out.

and then I found RP servers... dun dun DUN!

I rolled a few experimental characters, just to see what the culture was like, the economy, horde vs alliance population and of course see what this RP shit was about. And I played Hordeside for a while... got a shaman to 50 even and started a bank alt that soon would surpass my shaman and become my first Horde Main. Alliance side I was a little warlock, hanging out in stormwind looking for a guild that would fit Aliha's personality as I had seen it when I started to come up with who she was back in her 40s.

The I found them... Maelstrom... a medium rp, laid back, pve guild with a good solid number of players, good people, and of course... knowledgeable RP folks. So I talked with some officers (which was hard to do after a bit, they were rarely on), and asked my questions and dropped the dough to send Aliha from her old home to her new one... and in the process learned that I had to change her name. Annoyed right off the bat I tried a few variances and settled for using her whole full name, knowing folks would have issue pronouncing it. Alihandra. And she'd been a Farstrider since before I knew about Belves, so the rp wankers can screw off for all I care.

And so Aliha and Ferren became the newest members of the Hunter class on an RP server and the shenanigans began. And I think I'll end this one here... so welcome to the experiment and feel free to ask questions or comment and stuff...



  1. I know exactly how you feel about the raiding thing and Alt-itis! Would you mind if I linked your blog in mine? We seem to both be starting out :)